Catch the New York Knicks tonight live at 7:30 on MSG

Starting Lineups
Mo Williams vs Stephon Marbury
Michael Redd vs Jamal Crawford
Desmond Mason vs Quentin Richardson
Yi Jianlian vs Zach Randolph
Andrew Bogut vs Eddy Curry

MSGKNickz pregame strategy
  • Share the ball, play as a team: Dont let Zach take the first 6 shots of the game
  • Look to help Crawford, he cannot guard Michael Redd
  • Crash the Boards: Knicks should easily be able to outrebound the Bucks
  • Attack Yi and Bogut: Curry and Zach are alot stronger, they need to use their size unlike lastnights disaster

Several players on the team have defended Isiah over the past year, well they need to step up and play strong. They need to show they want Isiah to keep his job by not only winning, but by winning big. If they lose tonight, Isiah could be gone. That would be a good thing but Im trying to be positive.

All pre game thoughts and whatever else it usually says goes in this thread.
Last nights embarrassing loss was still 1 loss, if they win tonight, its 3 out of 4.