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    Game Thread Pheonix Suns vs New York Knicks Pregame show with MSGKnickz33

    Back by popular demand, its MSGKnickz33 pregame show. Tune in to MSG tomorrow night at 7:00 to see if the Knicks can make it 2 straight and 4 out of their last 5. Lets take a look at the starting lineups for both teams.

    Starting Lineups
    Pheonix Suns vs New York Knicks
    Steve Nash vs Stephon Marbury
    Raja Bell vs Jamal Crawford
    Grant Hill vs Quentin Richardson
    Shawn Marion vs Zach Randolph
    Amare Stoudamire vs Eddy Curry

    Lets take a look at MSG33's pregame strategy

    • Crash the Boards: The Knicks are a better rebounding team than the Suns and they need every advantage they can get.
    • Slow down the Ball!!!! Playing Pheonix Suns style will lead to a loss, they are much better offensively then the Knicks.
    • Attack Amare!!!! Curry needs to aggressively take it at Amare and try to get him into foul trouble.
    • Share the Ball: Everyone in the Knicks starting lineup is capable of scoring 15 to 20 points, find who has the hot hand.
    • Do Not Double Team Nash: Hes too good at finding the open man so let Marbury go one on one with him.
    • Dont be afraid to go to the bench: Isiah needs to immediately bring in the energy guys if the Knicks fall behind early.

    Tomorrow Nights Key Matchup:

    Steve Nash vs Stephon Marbury

    Stephon Marbury is the key player for the Knicks. He needs to play great defense on Nash, preventing him from gettin easy baskets. If Marbury can successfully guard him one on one, this prevents easy baskets for Pheonix's perimeter players. Also, the Knicks as a team need to communicate when picks are being set for Nash. They cant let Pheonix beat them all night by setting picks for Nash.

    Jamal Crawford needs to know when to shoot and when not to shoot. If the shots aren't going in for him, he needs to look to pass the ball. Jamal also needs to try his best to defend Raja Bell on the perimeter, and when Bells not in the game there's no time for a break. Leandro Barbosa is an explosive 6th man who can put points on the board in a hurry.

    Quentin Richardson needs to do what he always does: Defend, rebound, and be the vocal leader that he is. Grant Hill should not be a difficult matchup for him.

    Zach Randolph needs to have a good game offensively. Shawn Marion is shorter than Zach, so Z-Bo should look to go to work against him down low. Expect over 20 points and 12 rebounds from Zach.

    Eddy Curry cannot stop Amare Stoudamire but the opposite is true also. The biggest difference is Amare Stoudamire does not stop Amare Stoudamire where as Eddy Curry sometimes stops Eddy Curry. Sometimes when Eddy gets frustrated, he picks up stupid fouls and turns the ball over. He needs to be focused on his difficult assignment, and thats doing his best to defend Amare, looking sharp on offense, and defending Pheonix guards looking to take it to the hoop.

    The bench needs to be ready to come into the game and immediately make an impact with their energy.

    Thanks for joining me for my pregame show, I'm your host MSGknickz33 and join me tomorrow night at halftime for my halftime report. Enjoy your Saturday night, and stay out of trouble. Thanks again.
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