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Yet Again We See How Foolish Isiah Can Be As A Coach, Knicks Down By One And 33 Seconds Into The Game He Takes Steph And Eddy Out The Game For Lee And Jones. If That Strategy Worked One Night, That Don't Mean It Always Going To Work. And We Let A Guy Like Grant Hill Beat Us. I Sometimes Don't Get Isiah, He Knows Eddy Was The Guy With The Hot Hands And He Kept Jamal Almost The Whole Game And Jamal Was Off Tonight. Nate Didn't Play And I Wonder Why? He Sometimes Seems As If He Never Coached In His Life. Isiah Need To Know Who And When To Substitute. I Don't Blame Nobody But Isiah For This Lose.
Isiah has no sense of direction, as a coach and especially as a GM. Giving him more chances will only mean more loses in the history of the New York Knicks

Frazier pretty much said it.

The Curry & Randolph experiment is failing. Not as disastrous as the Francis & Marbury but not good none the less.

We played average...we're a 92 PPG team that gives up over a century a game..we lost by ten, average game for a ****ty team put together by Isiah Thomas.