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What a kick in the balls this is from a bunch of dirty bastards, named Dolan.

"The Garden, now part of the Cablevision empire, hasn't paid a dime in property taxes since 1982 in what has become the biggest, longest-running tax break for a commercial property in the city."

"The Garden's parent company, Cablevision, with 3.1 million cable TV subscribers in the metro area, took in $6 billion in 2006. ... "

" ... the Dolan family, beat back several efforts to repeal the deal, but this year the mayor and Council speaker are on record calling for it to end."

The Dolans are nothing but a bunch of slimy F'ing A-HOLES.

Knick fans need to unite in order to end this reign of Tierney by boycotting GOING TO THE GAMES.

Let freedom ring people!!