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    Nyk Logo Phoenix Suns @ New York Knicks

    This should be a good game, last time the Knicks were in Phoenix i thought they showed a lot of heart even when marbury abandoned the team on their west coast trip. We lost that game but this time were in New York, we have a full roster and if the Knicks win i think the Boston loss will slowly begin to leave people's mind. We all know Phoenix is the best in the west and a victory by New York will show the crowd that they really do care. All game commentary, thoughts and reactions go here, lets get it done New York!

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    I'm actually really excited for this game, I think we can pull out a W. If we play consistent throughout the entire game like against the Jazz, we will have a chance. If we fall behind early like against the Bucks, we will not comeback against the Suns, no chance. Have to come out early and get the crowd into it early. I say, no I pray, Knicks 109 Suns 104.
    New York Knicks (5-10) vs. Suns

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    Let's keep the talk on a single thread

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