For me its between Crawford, Curry, and Zach Randolph. As bad as Zach has been, I think i can narrow it down to Curry and Crawford. From here, its a tough choice. Crawfords defense and shooting percentages are both horrible, and he turns the ball over alot. Curry is a bad defender, rebounder, and he also turns the ball over alot. Im gonna pick Curry mainly becuz of his poor defense. Being a center, you have to use your size. Curry is blessed with every physical attribute it takes to dominate but yet hes too soft in the head. He needs to have that pitbull mentality, Aint no one takin it in on me tonight. Im gonna stop everyone, Im too big and too strong. Instead of thinkin like that, Curry only worries about offense. He is still a one dimensional player and he didnt just come into the league.

Crawford is also blessed with physical attributes that should make him a better defender and a better scorer but his problems are also in his head. Curry and Crawford are both mentally weak. I dont expect any changes, these guys are role players. They dont belong in no starting lineups unless you got a shot blocker next to Curry.

Theres some hope for Richardson. I can at least see the effort for the most part with him.

Marbury has been the best starter and the only good starter.