Yall know Im a big Marbury fan and the only problem I have with him is that hes not vocal enough. He needs to be the one callin team meetings and talkin to the team about what is not acceptable. Hes not the best leader but I still believe he ranks last on this list. In other words, the other 4 players are bigger problems then he is. Marburys been the best player in my opinion since bein reinserted into the starting lineup. Hes been scorin and playin defense. Hes not the best assist guy but ive seen him set up his teammates and they miss easy shots. If a couple of guys could hit layups and open jumpshots hed be averaging more assists.

I give Crawford some credit for talkin to the team after the Celtics game, but Curry bein a captain is a joke. Crawford is to, but Currys an even bigger joke. At least Crawford says the right things like what he said to the fans after the Bucks game. Curry had a recent quote where he admitted that not gettin enough touches because of Zach takes him outta the game. If hes not gettin enough touches he cant cry about it. He needs to rebound and play defense. If I was Isiah I would tell Curry to forget about offense, just focus on playin defense and rebounding the next couple of games. It seems like they aint puttin the right thoughts in Currys head, he talks to much about offense. They shouldnt say **** about offense, they should be sayin the word "defense" to him 1000 times everyday.