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Isiah's inability to understand our biggest weakness is on defense (Perimeter and in the paint) and turnovers(including the poorest turnover assist ratio and lack of assist being made). He hasn't address this issue in 3 years. Why should he stll be GM? Let go of Isiah and give the job to a GM who can answer our problems.
I'm with you and I said in another thread that they should bring back Jeff Vangundy as the coach and hire West for the GM spot. I think they should retain Isiah as a scout for the draft, since we did give him a contract extension.
As far as who has been the biggest disappointment so far this season I would have to say Curry hands down! I would say Marbury is a close second but then again I feel he lets the team down every season so I guess he is actually consistent and delivers exactly what we expect him to give us.

Crawford - He is what he is... instant offense in spurts and that's why I feel his best roll on this team is coming off the bench and playing both the 2 and 1 spots as well as being a change of pace player. When Crawford is on the floor for long periods of time, he ends up becoming a liability but when he is used in spots, he can be very effective! No D at all, though he comes up with a steal from time to time.

QR - If his back problems are limited this season I feel QR is a solid 3 for the Knicks. He has shown he can play D when the coach and the system demands it from him. He also has shown that he can run and gun if the coach/system demands it from him. QR's performance is key for this lineup. If he has back issues all season and misses a bunch of games, the Knicks will feel it big time!

Zach - Zach is a pure isolation player that can generate high offensive numbers. While on any given night he can put up a double double (rebounds and points), he is not a good post defender. He can rebound and score but he can't body up anyone and he does not posses any lateral quickness so he can't box out in the paint either.

Curry- Curry plays lack luster ball period! His play is uninspiring and while at times he has shown that there is a blip of a defender buried within that 300 pound frame, we have only caught the slightest of glimpses and it is tiring already. The dude should have his WAY in the paint but he just does not have the killer instinct that a 6' 11" 300 pound center should have. I remember people complaining about Ewing being soft and too much of a jump shooter; Curry make Ewing look like Bill Russel on D! I think Curry is better suited for a fast paced western team. If I was the GM that's what I would focus on, trying to pull off a block buster trade sending Curry to a Western team for some position guys that the Knicks need (a STARTING perimeter defender).

Lee - Lee has shown me that he could very well be a yearly candidate for the 6th man award. His role on this team is perfectly defined and it exploits his strengths and guards against exposing his weaknesses. He can not score consistently unless it is on put backs and dunks; yet that is exactly what this team needs. Like Randolph, he has trouble bodying-up his man in the paint but he is better at it than Zach. He is, in my opinion, becoming another Charles Oakley and that is a good thing. If he can continue his strength training so that he can body-up his man, he could be one of the best players that Isiah has ever drafted.

Balkman - Like Lee he has shown that he can rebound the ball and doesn't mind the less "showy" role on the team. I feel Balkman is a better defender than Lee; more agile and versatile. He has to develop his offense, specifically a mid range jumper, so that he can keep his man on him and not doubling another player. Balkman can also play, in my opinion, 3 spots (3, 4 and 2). He is quick enough to guard the perimeter, whether a guard or small forward and he has shown that he can grind it out down in the paint when playing the 4. What he lacks in strength he makes up for in quickness and just pure will. If he can show this type of play consistently, he could make Lee expendable if needed to make a KEY trade, but it would be great if the Knicks could keep both Lee and Balkman.

Nate - I'm going to reserve my opinion right now. The jury is still out on him and I want to see how he does subbing for Marbury while he deals with the loss of his dad.

The Knicks problem is not talent it is cohesion and this team has way too many players that are 1 on 1 type guys and want to be featured. In my opinion Curry, Crawford or Marbury and Robinson should be shopped around. Lee should only be used if the trade is yielding a top notch player that also FILLS a NEED. The needs are a big man that just wants to grind and a starting perimeter defender. Artest's name is thrown around for that perimeter player and I would take a chance on him. Is he worth giving up Lee?? Yes if Lee is the only player in the trade. Like Malik rose and Lee for Artest. Who would I trade Curry for? I heard an interview with Mark Cuban a few months back saying that he loved Curry. I would see if I could stir up interest from Dallas. Maybe see what it would take to make a deal for Howard and say Dampier. If Curry and Crawford could get talks opened up. I might see if the Nets would be interested in pairing Curry with Kidd. If so would they part with RJ in that deal.