View Poll Results: Which Knick starter has been the worst so far?

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  • Stephon Marbury

    7 30.43%
  • Jamal Crawford

    0 0%
  • Quentin Richardson

    7 30.43%
  • Zach Randolph

    0 0%
  • Eddy Curry

    9 39.13%
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    actually i think its our WHOLE starting line up...not saying to trade any of them but like our line up suckz! like omg...idk this is what i think of the starting 5

    He has been a force in offense. Yes he has been jumping to reject a shot and sometimes he does or sometimes he get goaltending. But what i mean by his defense is his 1 on 1 defense. Like I seen him guard like bad centers and they still manage to score on him. I mean every time he needs help or something like idk he should be easy for him. Like he has the power all he has to do is stand like a statue and when they shoot put your hand up or block him. Always stay in front of his man and he'll be fine. Also his free trow shooting.

    Zach Randolph
    Zach well i really havent seen a problem with him. He just needs to inprove on his defense a lil bit more and his Free Trow shooting. Also how to pass out the double team. He just cant do it and i think they should work with that with him.

    Quentin Richardson
    Well what happened to the 3 point champion? I remember him being one of the best 3 point shooter in the league when he was with phoenix. Now hes wide open in the 3 point line he MISSES! Like I see him make them but like in the beginning of the game where they really don't matter. Yes he is very vocal and a leader of this team but he also needs to show it in his game. And hes defense no complaints. Also his free trow shooting.

    Jamal Crawford
    Well Jamal is not consistent enough. I mean he can play but one thing I don't like about him is that when he would make a 3 or something he would think hes hot and pull up 4 another shot or something. Also he gets out powered way to much like when Iguodala went inside on him Jamal tried 2 grab him but Iguodala just simply out powered him.
    He needs to gain more power and muscle. Defense omg what can i say about his defense. NOTHING! Hey he mite crack people ankles but hey they can crack his back as well. I mean hey he plays so much minutes he mite as well work on his defense and learn how 2 play a lil bit of defense at least.

    Stephon Marbury
    Well he is like probably our best player. I see Marbury when he goes right through everyone and his quickness. I remember when he was scoring like 40 points like 4 games or something. What happened to that Marbury like omg he was the best player in the LEAGUE during that period. And now i see him i think that hes like 50 years old? Idk but he probably lost his touch but some games he looks like the old Marbury. He just needs to improve in his free trows and being more consistent and being a better passer. And also be more of a leader.


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    Well this is my thrid post and it sucks that my first two posts were really negative. I feel like the fans FINALLY get it that this team needs to blown up yet again starting with Dolan down. As for my answer to the question Eddy Curry easily worst starter on this team.

    Looking at what we have, as Pat Riley said "the cupboard is full."

    I think the problem with our team is we have a lot of role players looking for some leadership. And if i may quote Barkley "stars win basketball games." Who is the star of this Knicks team? Who is our leader? I think that we don't have one. The only player that comes close is Marbury. Unfortunately leadership is the one skill I believe cannot be taught and is quality that seperates good players from great players. If you want to see what leadership looks like have a look at Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett or Rasheed Wallace just to name a few. They only care about winning games and DO ANYTHING whether it be scoring, passing, calling other teammates out or getting technical fouls to get their team fired up.

    As for the only player who tries to take over games down the stretch Crawford tries his best to be a leader, but he is too inconsistent to be anykind of example to the rest of his team.

    As a tremendous fan of marbury for what he has done one and off the court its sad to see him disappear in the fourth quarter as he should be going to the basket and scoring at will just the way Manu Ginobli did as he willed his team past Dallas and Utah on a back to back minus Tim Duncan. However, with that said if you put some guys around Marbury that can play to his strengths he can still get you 20 points and 7 assists a game even at his age.

    Get rid of these bums:
    1. Curry
    2. Jeffries
    3. James
    ........and draft, trade or sign a Center who can play some D even if he is somehwat limited on offense.
    Someone like:
    1. Tyson Chandler
    2. Emeka Okafur
    3. Marcus Camby
    4. Danny Fortson

    With Curry gone the paint is wide open. Randolph works primarily on the high post and this should open the lane for Marbury to let him "do what he do" (no typo there ) and thats drive in and kick to either randolph, q-rich on the perimter or dump it down to Lee or their center. The way i see the Knicks team being assembled ideally would be something like this:

    1. Marbury/Jones or Robinson
    2. Richardson/Crawford
    3. Lee/Balkman
    4. Z. Randolph/Malik Rose
    5. ????/ Randolph Morris

    Your Starting line up does its damage with Marbury and Z- Bo offensively. Marbury scores in transition and Z-bo on the block. Your glue guys are Richardson and Lee. Richardson needs to start nailing outside shots and Lee or fourse does the little things like put backs and rebounds. All thats missing is a center to anchor the defense and get rebounds.

    The second unit can be used to change the tempo of the game. You got guys who can run and get transition baskets ( jones, robinson, crawfords as well as get steals and turnovers (Jones, balkman run a full court press etc etc. and take advatage of fresh legs and youth.

    I'm curious if anyone shares my opinions or disagrees and would love to have some feedback. For now though lets hope We have our draft picks at the end of this year...
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    You people are just totally pathetic.

    I like the Eva Mendes sig tho!! HOT!HOT!HOT!

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