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    Game Thread New York Knicks vs New Jersey Nets Game Thread

    Good aftternoon, Im MSGKnicks33 and thanks for joining me for my pregame thoughts and analysis of tonights matchup. The New York Knicks take on the New Jersey Nets in New Jersey at 7:30. The Nets have owned the Knicks the past couple of years. The 5-11 Knicks could be without Stephon Marbury when they play the 8-9 Nets.

    If Marbury does not play, Isiah might slide Crawford down to the point guard position and bring in Fred Jones as the starting shooting guard.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stephon Marbury and the Marbury family. Marbury e-mailed the New York Post yesterday and had this to say: "I walk by faith and not by sight. JESUS lives in me, and he will guide me through this. This (too) shall pass." You can click the link below to get the full article.
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    Now, Lets take a look at the starting Lineups for tomorrow nights game.

    New York Knicks vs New Jersey Nets

    Stephon Marbury? vs Jason Kidd
    Jamal Crawford vs Vince Carter
    Quentin Richardson vs Richard Jefferson
    Zach Randolph vs Malik Allen
    Eddy Curry vs Jason Collins

    Even if Stephon Marbury plays, its still going to take a strong team effort to beat the Nets. Lets take a look at what they need to do to win tonight:
    • Get back on defense: Jason Kidd loves to run the fastbreak and find open teammates. Knicks need to get back and play defense.
    • Dont let big guys score: The Nets have a tough 1 2 3 punch with Kidd, Carter and Jefferson. They cant let the other guys have big nights.
    • Dont force the ball in to Curry: Magloire and Collins are both good, physical defenders. Curry needs to get good positioning before he gets the ball to prevent turnovers and offensive fouls.
    • Move the ball and look for good shots: Guys like Crawford and Nate Robinson need to step up on offense. Curry usually struggles against the Nets so the Knicks will need all the offense they can get.

    Every player is going to have to step up tomorrow night!!!!!

    If theres any guard on the Knicks that has a chance of slowing down Jason Kidd its Stephon Marbury. If he plays, he will have to get back on defense and slow down Kidd who will be looking to run the fast break and dish it off to an open teammate. Marbury also needs to look to attack Jason Kidd and get to the basket. The Knicks will need his offense.

    Jamal Crawford will have a tough time guarding Vince Carter. Vince is a tough matchup even for good defenders so Jamal has to have a good offensive game for the Knicks to win. He should look to break down the defense with his ballhandling skills and find the open man. Crawford needs to take the right shots at the right time. He will be a factor in the outcome of tonights game.

    Quentin Richardson has a big oppertunity tonight. So far this season, he has struggled with his all around game, especially his jumpshot. As I mentioned before, the Knicks are going to need offense. Hopefully that elbow or whatever the cause of Q's low shooting percentage is better tomorrow night. He'll be going up against one of the best small forwards in the game, Richard Jefferson who has been on a tear so far this season. If Q-Rich can slow down RJ and put some points on the board, it will erase his bad performance defensively against Grant Hill on Sunday night and it will increase the Knicks chances of beating the Nets.

    According to, the starting powerfoward for the Nets is Malik Allen. Sean Williams has also had a couple of starts so I'm not sure who Zach Randolph will have to face tomorrow night. Malik Allen is not well known but he is a rough and physical defender who can give Z-Bo some problems. Sean Williams has been one of the most exciting rookies to watch so far. His athletic ability and timing allows him to be a great shot blocker. He usually has a couple of highlight dunks everytime he plays. Sean doesn't have the size to stop Zach Randolph down low and Malik Allen cannot defend Zachs jumpshot. In other words, Zach needs to use whatever works to his advantage depending on whos defending him. He also needs to play less selfish. When the double or sometimes even triple team comes, he needs to pass immediately instead of looking to score. The selfish play needs to stop.

    Eddy Curry might struggle offensively. Jamal Magloire and Jason Collins are both physical defenders who do a good job on Curry. Curry should forget about offense for one night and focus on getting back on defense and playing good help defense. Its a good oppertunity for Curry to work on his defense. Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson do a good job of getting to the rim and Curry needs to look for them and be ready to challenge them.

    The bench needs to do what they do best and thats play with energy and have an immediate impact. Jones and Balkmen need to be ready to come off the bench and play some good defense on Carter and Jefferson.

    Knicks fans know this game will not be easy, but if they stick to the gameplan hopefully they won't be turning their TV's off and leaving the game early. Catch me tonight at halftime for the 1st half stats and analysis. I'm MSGKnicks33 and I thank everyone for joining me.

    R.I.P. Donald Marbury, 1939-2007
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