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We should let Crawford play the point , move Q to the 2 and start either Balkman or Jeffries. Thats what I'd like to see at least. This whole unfortunite Marbury situation at least lets another good defender into the starting line up if we go this way. Q on Vince and Jeffries or Balkman on Jefferson sounds better then Crawford on Vince at least. Kidd we weren't stoping anyway so lets just put our weakest backcourt defender on him... Crawford maby he can come up with a steal or two , he's got quick hands as long as he can stay in front of his man.

I'm right with you on that. Crawford is a bad defender but hes probably allittle better than Nate. Not to mention for some reason it seems like Nate is in the dog house. WFAN did report that Marbury hasn't been offically ruled out yet, not that'd hed help. But hey sports is one big game of story lines, as awful as it sounds maybe the death of his father will motivte Marbury to play great in his fathers memory.