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We gotta keep Melo. You never gonna win a championship without at least 2 top level players. The last "team" to win a championship was Pistons in 04. Since then "star players" have won the title with solid role players supporting them. Shaq-DWade, The Spurs trio, Kobe & Pau, Big three in Boston, Big Three In Miami. Don't think that we can build a team from scratch and win. It's not gonna happen. Good teams are getting better and the bad teams are getting worse. Stars attract stars. It's never been a bigger gap in the NBA between the good teams and the bad than it is now. Keep Melo and build the team around him.

Did u just mention keep Melo .... did u watch the last two games?
The loss to the Washington Wizards in MSG, then the double OT win vs the 5-20 Bucks

We didnt need Melo in the lineup to lose by one point vs Wizards, and we damn sure did not need Melo 32% fg shooting in crunchtime, and double OT for a win vs a 5-20 record team .. 29 shots for 29 points, 55 minutes to get 9 rebounds when u got a big-body Tyson boxing-out for 37 minutes.
Melo is not a star .. Melo is a stat flller for high points.

If we are TANKING then lets trade Melo for a few 2014/15 draft picks .. the NBA future stars are in the next two drafts.
What I mean by stars are players that can play to their teammates best talents (Complimentary Star player)...