Post all your trade ideas here...discuss, debate, go to war whatever. Anyone's plan at this point is better than what Isiah has going on right here.

Our goals and task

Doing whatever Isiah forgot to do, and not doing what Isiah did that has put this team in jeopardy.
-Trading away draft picks
-Trading expiring contracts
-Trading for ex-all stars
-Trading for losing players
-Trading for players who play as individuals with no concept of team b-ball
-Signing and using the MLE on useless bench scrubs to lengthy ugly contracts
-Ignoring the cap
-Firing coaches constantly
-Making frequent trades/signings on a monthly basis
-No sense of direction

Lets break it down who on this team is a keeper and a goner.

-Cheap contract
-Youthful player that plays with energy, can follow the team ball concept

Knick Keepers
Renaldo Balkman
David Lee

Goners are usually guys with ugly contracts that play as individuals or just don't play with any intensity on defense, are out of shape, and don't produce to what they're getting paid. We want to GET rid of these guys because they've shown as KNICKS they're not capable of winning, and they've shown in their past TEAMS they're not capable of winning. This goes for the following:


In my opinion, the worst starting 5 in the NBA. Curry, Randolph and Richardson is the most out of shape front court in the NBA and Crawford and Marbury is the most dysfunctional back court in the NBA. We just need to MOVE on quickly as possible away from these guys. They're all obviously very talented, but its almost profoundly RETARDED to have them together on the same team, or just even have one of them period. These aren't guys you want on your team if you want to start winning. If you want a 20 and 10 player, a cross over, or 8 assist or points in the paint; sure pick up these guys. But those things don't equal winning games, just playing as individuals and playing the poorest way possible as teammates. I know I've supported Marbury and you guys may be surprised to see me have Marbury on this list. I'm going to still stand by what I said and I will state this: Marbury is the best option out of these 5 guys. He has 1 left on his contract, he's still in amazing shape at 30 years old, and he's still capable of producing 18 and 8 in a more pass orientated offense. I strongly believe and totally understand Marbury should be the last of these 5 we should move because of how much cap relief he will give us and what he's capable of doing on the court.

The others, I will label as scrubs. It would be a gift to us if we somehow get rid of them

I won't put a lot of input in these guys. You guys know the deal with them.

A special category goes to Freddy Jones. He's an endangered species in the Isiah Thomas era; an expiring contract. Hopefully Freddy Jones can make it through the Isiah Thomas and expire peacefully.

So lets begin.

Our weakness link is Crawford

Crawford for


Why for us? Expiring contract, Dooling plays intense defense, Garrity is a 3pt option

Why for Orlando? They could Crawford either off the bench or as a starter.




Why for us? Two expiring contracts

Why for Cleveland? Jefferies defense can actually be used as an asset and he would compliment the back up SF well for Cleveland.



1st rounder

Why for us? Expiring contracts, first rounder

Why for the Hawks? They finally get a PG and have a big run and gun line up in Crawford/Johnson/Smith/Williams/Horford


1st rounder

Why for us? Two expiring contracts, dump two weak links, get two young prospects, get a first rounder

Why for the T'Wolves? They need offensive players to compliment Foye, Brewer and Jefferson. Foye/Crawford/Brewer/Jefferson/Curry.

Trades that can get rid of Randolph




Why for us?
Jamison is a HUGE expiring contract, HUGE. We drop a goner and a scrub all in one shot. Plus Jamison isn't a bad player, but not for the future.

Why for them?
Washington sees a lot of future in Andray Blachte who's already producing solid numbers and is still relatively young. They lack a post scorer which is needed in the playoffs, they can't rely on jump shooters all the time. Arenas and Randolph would both help each other as they both play inside and out, taking pressure off one another.

blah, you get the idea.