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we were a .500 club for exactly 1 game last year... we won the 1st game, lost the 2nd...never to see .500 again....
Knicks last year
December 1 6-12
March 18 30-36

From our 18th game to our 66th game, we played .500 ball. For those of you who cant add, thats 48 games.

You gotta see some of these point totals by Marbury:

March 2 = 34
March 3 = 38
March 6= 40
March 14= 31
March 26 = 32
March 30 = 43
April 4 = 30

Marbury was the man last year
Great offense+Defense+passing=Starbury, still top 10 Haters

Before anything, I hope he gets through the grieving process but after that I look forward to seein what he can do once he plays a couple of games, he really played like a star last year, thats real talk.