Marbury does a pretty fine job passing the ball. The problem are his assets. Not even Nash could help Q-Rich, Crawford always been sorry and its hard to play with Curry since he doesn't play team ball.

We can win with Marbury at PG, just not with Crawford at SG and Curry at the C. Wizards play Stevenson at the 2 and Haywood at center for a reason. For defense mainly and they compliment Arenas(a scoring PG) very well.

We don't have an Eric Snow of 2000 or Antonio Daniels, so it'll be hard to play Marbury out of position. We've seen Marbury at SG and it didn't work out.

Marbury is our best passer, ball handler, and sees the court better than anyone on the team, having him at PG is a necessity if want an efficient offense

I always liked Marbury @ PG and Robinson at SG, with Balkman and Lee to compliment them and have Randolph at center. I know its a small line up but Robinson, Balkman and Lee play big.

Right now I don't even know why I'm discussing this, I feel Marbury is done with this franchise; too much **** has happend and I don't see things turning around. I feel Marbury isn't the problem but he isn't the solution; so he'll get a lot of heat for that.