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Marbury cant pass as good as Kidd and Nash but who can? Hes still one of the better passers in the league and he has alot more scoring ability then both of them, even Nash admitted he cant take Marbury 1 on 1.

The 04-05 season is the only year where Marbury proved himself. If Isiah had made smarter trades and less trades we would not be having this discussion right now. I have no proof of this but I strongly believe if Marbury had stayed one more year with Garnett or one more year with Pheonix, things would have been different. Theres no question in my mind he would have finally made it past the 1st round in the playoffs.

I cant deny that he was surrounded with talent when in Pheonix and now in New York. Im going to start off with Minnesota, he had KG with him. One more year with Garnett and its hard to argue that they would not have been a 2nd round team.

To say he was surrounded with alot of talent in New Jersey is false. Kenyon Martin was a rookie when Marbury played there and they didnt draft Richard Jefferson until the following year when Marbury was traded. Keith Van Horn was the 2nd best player on this Nets team. After that Kerry Kittles and Kendall Gill were the 3rd and 4th best players. Its impressive that Marbury averaged 8 assists per game playing with these guys.

Next stop was in Pheonix. Amare Stoudamire was a rookie when Marbury played there. Steve Nash has done a great job with Phoenix, Ill give him alot of credit. I dont think Marbury couldve done as good of a job but I think the Phoenix Suns would have still been one of the powerhouses out west with Marbury.

I dont think Marbury ever looked bad until Larry Brown coached him. If he had stayed with some of his old teams for a longer period of time he would have had more success. The only knock that I accept on Marbury is that hes not vocal and he doesnt try to fire his team up. Marbury may not be the definition of a point guard but he is a point guard and one of the better ones. No disrespect home theater guy but when you said Marbury is a one dimensional point guard that doesnt make sense to me. Marbury scores, passes, and defends. Thats 3 dimensions and stats prove this. I know you have your theory about assist and I agree, Kidd and Nash are better passers then Marbury. Marbury is still a good enough passer to lead a team deep in the playoffs with the right group of players around him and those 04-05 knicks were not far away from being a much better team.

Im not sure why Marbury is even being criticized here. There are several other players on this team that define one dimensional. I think that Marbury is a target because of his contract.

EArly in Marburys career his only problem was that he kept gettin traded. Bythe way, that whole "every team he played on got better after he left" bull**** pisses me off. Did Minnesota get better? I already talked about the Nets and Suns.

Idiots like Isiah and Larry Brown have made Marbury look bad. When you want to point the finger at sum1, it should be pointed at Isiah for making this "currys team." Or at Larry Brown for making Marbury a shooting guard, he aint no 2-guard hes a F*ckin point guard and one of the 10 best. Marburys got all the skill, but hes got bad luck.

Exactly...its Curry's team. He's been selfish for not being professional, staying and shape and taking responsibility for leading this team.

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I think homeaterguy hit the nail on the head.

If you play PG and pass to "anyone" on the team and they score, you get an assist. However, that doesn't tell you anything about whether it was the PG that actually 'created the play".

Positive contributions from the PG are things like this:

1. Drawing a double team when he drives and finding the open man for a wide open look.

2. Running a fast break, putting on a great fake to one wing, and finding the other for a layup instead of contested shot.

3. Making a spectacular pass to find a man that's open for a split second.

4. Knowing his team mates strengths, weaknesses, preferences etc....

Marbury is not terrible and would get even more assists if he had better shooters around him, but he doesn't "ADD" a lot of value at that position.

He drives and gets fouled instead of making the great pass. He dribbles outside too much etc...

On a related note, the problem with the team being stagnant is not totally Curry's fault. I keep saying that. It's obvious. But no one is paying attention. When a team's outside shooters can't hit the ocean, it's pretty easy to defend guys that score from the inside like Curry. It's also easier to CAUSE turnovers when you can double and triple team him every time he gets the ball because there are no outside threats.
Do you watch the Knicks at all? Marbury found Curry 3 times with SPECTACULAR passes in one game. Marbury does most of these things you listed.

Marbury has handed this team to Curry and Crawford, calling him selfish is IGNORANT..and a statement with no base of truth.

Its Curry's fault because he's not passing it to open guys on double teams and when he does pass, our perimeter guys force the shot because Curry has terrible timing offensively. This is his team, remember?

Marbury left Minnesota because it was far away from home, not KG.

I don't know know any shooting guard's who average 8 assist for their career. Who ever they are, they must be pretty good.

Like I said, its not like Marbury is averaging 5 assist a game off bull****, when he's on his game, he can give you 8-9 and create a lot of openings for his teammates.

STOP TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT AWAY FROM MARBURY'S NUMBERS AND ABILITY. lol @ this theory of "lucky assist", lets see you guys step on the court and average 8 assist for your career, you make it sound so EASY when majority of the men in the NBA have never done this. To be consistent through your career and be one of the league's assist man kills any bias argument that Marbury is "selfish" and "has no vision.

Marbury has been playing solid this d, and was playing great defense last season.