As for Bayless. I think its pretty hard to know when he will be drafted in which pick. I think teams will skip on him which is a big mistake. What I see from him he is one of the most athletic players coming out of his freshmen year in college. He will be good in the NBA. I think the Knicks could use a player like Bayless, but the problem is that this player doesn't have a good secondary skill, other then shooting, his assist total isn't bad, but I think he will merge to be a good player in the NBA, he is definately NBA ready.

Wow I see a lot top 10 projected in the draft according to Draftexpress players that are from 19-20 years old. This draft has depth. DJ Augustin is CURRENTLY on the rise, he is projected 8-15 pick in the draft, Bayless top 3 pick, thats a little to much, the 6th pick should be were he will go at DEPENDING on the draft order, and team needs. Jordan has went down to the 7th pick overall, he might declare for the draft this year.