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why not draft chase budinger

this is a quote from draftxpress - There’s a very good chance Budinger will enter the draft this season, and if he does, he should be firmly in lottery discussions. With his work ethic, athleticism, and foundation of skills, he should be a fairly low risk prospect, likely amounting to a solid starter at worst. His continued improvement and learning curve will determine how high his ceiling is, though he doesn’t seem to have the mentality to ever be a #1 option scorer. Adding some strength, extending his shooting to NBA three-point range, and continuing to improve his ball-handling should be his main priorities at this stage.


• Size
• Explosiveness
• Speed
• Perimeter shooting
• Finishing ability
• Transition play
• Basketball IQ
• Unselfishness
• Fundamentals
• Court vision
• Willingness to defend
• Upside


• Strength
• Offensive creativity
• Go-to scoring mentality
• Mid-range game
• Off the dribble shooting
• Ball-handling skills
• Mechanical/Stiff hips defensively
• Better suited for small forward position?
• Leadership?

metrocard, i wood lik 2 no wat u think about dis gy
i rote dis before but u never replied. I also want to know what you think of joe alexander, who is said to have a "maniacal" work ethic by draft express