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    Game Thread Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks 12/08

    Welcome everybody I'm your host Jazzy Jeff and after a tough Knicks loss last night, the Knicks will be playing Philadelphia looking for revenge this time in New York. You can catch the game tonight at 7:30 on MSG.

    Philadelphia is considered by many to be the worst team in the Eastern Conference. They play good defense however and they are a tougher team than what their record indicates. Lets take a look at the standings in the Atlantic division.

    Atlantic W L
    Boston 16 2
    Toronto 10 10
    New Jersey 9 11
    New York 6 12
    Philadelphia 6 13

    As we can tell, the Knicks are only a half game ahead of Philadelphia so if the 76ers can pull off another upset, they will be a half game ahead of the Knicks. Before the season began, it was believed by most fans and analysts that the Knicks would be a better team then they have shown so far but being 18 games into the season means its no longer excuse times. Almost a quarter of the season is in the books and the good teams should be starting to play good at this point.

    Philadelphia 76ers Starting Lineup:

    At Point guard, Andre Miller
    At shooting guard, Willie Green
    At small forward, Andre Iguodala
    At power forward, Reggie Evans
    At center, Samuel Dalembert

    Now lets take a look at the starting lineups for our New York Knicks!!!!!
    At point guard, Stephon Marbury
    At shooting guard, Jamal Crawford
    At small forward, Quentin Richardson
    At power forward, Zach Randolph
    And at center, Eddy Curry

    Lets take a look at what the Knicks need to do to get the win and improve to a 7 and 11 record.

    -Philadelphia is not a good offensive team only averaging 91.5 points. Dont let them become a good offensive team.

    -The 76ers are the 8th best team in the league defensively so move the ball around, look for good shots, and take care of the ball.

    -Be Aware!!!! Samuel Dalembert is averaging over 2 blocks a game. The Knicks should not force the ball into Curry as much as they normally do because he will have an excellent defender on him. Look for other options.

    -Look to double AI: Iguodala has proven that he can score and Q-Rich might have problems with him. The team needs to recognize this and look to help Richardson.

    What does each player need to do?

    Stephon Marbury needs to bring his tough defense and look to score when the Knicks need offense.

    Jamal Crawford needs to try to be as efficient of offense as he can. He brings nothing on defense but still plays big minutes, so he has to at least score and distribute the ball.

    Quentin Richardson needs to continue to play with alot of heart and emotion. This team needs his leadership. With the minutes Isiah is giving him, Q needs to start shooting better. Iguodala might get switched at some point in the game and have to guard Crawford so Q should look to attack whoever they put on him, possibly Korver. He needs to break out of this slump.

    Zach Randolph needs to keep his body on Reggie Evans. Evans is a monster on the boards. He does not have much of an offensive game but hes a physical defender. Zach cannot match Evans physically, so he needs to look to shoot. Also, when Zach is being double or triple teamed he needs to give the ball up immediately. He had his worst game of the season last night. If he struggles again tonight, Isiah needs to take him out of the game.

    Eddy Curry needs to focus on defense and make sure this 76ers team does not score more points then they should. Samuel Dalembert is a good defender, so Curry should not look to score as much similar to the New Jersey game had he played. Its another good oppertunity for Eddy to work on his defense.

    The biggest factor coming off the bench for the Knicks will be Renaldo Balkmen. The 76ers will bring Kyle Korver off the bench who is a pure shooter. Balkmens job will be to bring his normal energy and contain Korver. Louis Williams is a tough young guard who will also be coming off the bench for Philadelphia. Last night he came off the bench and scored 15 points while also having 6 assists, making the difference for his team. Isiah needs to make some adjustments tonight.

    The Knicks will hear some boo's early on. Fans will be looking for a convincing victory after last nights loss. The Knicks need to come out fired up and energized from the opening tip and win by 15 to 20 points. Its dissapointing that the Knicks have to settle for a split at the least with the sixers, it should have been an easy 2 games before they play the Dallas Mavericks monday night.

    Tune in at 7:30 tonight on MSG to watch the Knicks take on the 76ers in New York. I'm MsgKNicks33 and I thank you for joining me.

    R.I.P. Don Marbury
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