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Go back to Paris damn French piece of ****. You never put in your own thought you just make stupid posts that nobody cares what you got to say..

as i have told u before i have not had a thought of my own yet.... hence i am reduced to comment on your stupid posts..

here are a couple 'gems' from ya

'Watch after 2 years Isiah just kills it and signs Marbury to a 3 year deal 100,000,000 Dollars. I could see that now.'

i think a max contract is about 22m per year x 3 would = 66m, not 100m

here's come another

'I think it will be an upset tonight. Knicks win it 108-101.'

the above was your prediction before the boston game...

and who can forget this post of yours
'You know the other thing the knicks gotta worry about is the refs'

i will now retire for the nite... sleep tight... and keep those gems coming...

and i promise the 1st time i get an original thought , u will be the 1st to know...