If your big men can't get the ball...it's your point guard fault. When was the last time you saw Marbury drive, get the oposing teams big men in the air and dish off a pass under the basket for an easy dunk? Never! His assists are never easy shots for his teamates...He's the only "elite" point guard in the league that never gets doubles in assists...He can't even push the ball well. I can name 10 point guards that I rather/better:

S. Nash
T. Parker
D. Williams
J. Kidd
C. Paul
A. Iverson
B. Davis
C. Billups
TJ Ford

They, with the exception of Iverson don't have the one on one skills as Marbury does... But this is a team sport and Marbury isn't a team player. Therefor, he shouldn't be in a position where the ball goes to his hands every play and asked to run an offense. For the knicks to do well with him, you'd have to think back when everyone was out last year and they played Dallas at their how and Marbury had something like 50. If the knicks were to be successful with Marbury, they would have to start him with:

PG Marbury
SG Balkman
SF Jefferies
PF Lee
C Morris

That's the only lineup that would work with Marbury because they're all good defenders, high energy and won't need the ball to score and be affective. But this lineup would never happen.

I would just let Marbury go...I don't care if Boston takes him and they win a championship with him...It's about the knicks! Crawford should be the point guard on this team...He's the only player that can get the ball to Curry for easy points int he paint...Richardson should start at SG not SF so he can take advantage of his size on smaller guards. Balkman should start at SF we all know why. Lee should start at PF because of his rebounding and passing abilities. And Curry should start at center. Zach should be first off the bench along with Nate. The only other that I'd play is Chandler and that's it! I know Nate is a hot head but it's because he doesn't play. He's doesn't know his role on the team... If he knows he'll be in there often he'll be more level headed.

Bottom line Marbury has to go! He is the problem on this team...He will never be a leader on a basket ball court! No one plays well with him.