You know what, I am glad Isiah made that comment and I hope he continues to make asinine comments; maybe one day all of this will be heard by the powers to be and it will lead to his LONG OVER DUE exodus!!! Blaming the Knicks fans; fans that have stayed loyal through every reincarnation of this roster, fans that drop a few hundred dollars to sit and watch this garbage night after night, to blame fans any franchise would kill to have for the fact that this team lacks fundamental skills is ludicrous! I die every time this team rolls over and then I watch the players yawning on the bench waiting for the night to end so they can hop into the $100,000.00 custom cars and drive home to their Mansions!!! These players give up every night and the coach/GM is powerless to change it. Isiah has taken a franchise that has been able to put out a decent product for so many years; a franchise while not dominating the NBA for any stretch has at the very least fought hard and kept the reputation of MSG in tact and plunge it into the depths of the absurd. Teams with loosing records and with only 10&#37; our payroll look forward to coming here to get an EASY win!!! Isiah is a terrorist who has taken down NY's other symbol of pride and strength, but instead of taking it down in one felt swoop he chipped away at it over many years!!!! The only way Dolan will get the message is if the fans send it to him. I am calling that all Knicks fans boycott 1 game!! Just 1 game to show the execs that we will not be taken advantage of and made to be fools. Boycott 1 game, that's it, let the cameras reflect the Knicks playing to a bare audience and have the news media pick it up and broadcast it all over <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1>America</st1></st1:country-region>. Let's Make Isiah finally have to pay for his incompetence and see if Dolan still sticks by him. If he does then we the fans will know exactly what he thinks of us! Let him tell the whole world that he does not give 2 cents about the very people who keep him in business.