> "The feedback I get from the fans, I don't use as consulting for
> general-managing activities,'' Cuban said.
> "The feedback I pay attention to from the fans is, 'Are the hot dogs hot, is
> the beer cold, are sightlines good, are you being treated with
> professionalism and courtesy?' That's what I want to know from the fans.''

As Mark Cuban and James Dolan have learned from Vince McMahon, hating the team can fill the stands and sell the hot dogs better than loving them.

Maybe the Knicks could go Luchidore, wear masks, and refuse to tell the league which player is wearing which number. The announcers could pretend that they cannot tell Eddy Curry's body from Jamal Crawford's. Certainly Eddy Curry's defense would improve if he brings foreign objects onto the court. And who could resist Malik Rose calling out "Get the tables"?