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    Default Official Boxing Thread

    Welcome to the official boxing thread; I'm Jose; I live boxing and grew up with the sport around all my life...boxing is back; so we'll have a lot to chat about. We can also discuss training tips for basic boxing training if you guys are interested.

    Nuzhnenko targets Cotto!

    "After winning the WBA interim welterweight title on Saturday night in Cannes, France, unbeaten Yuriy Nuzhnenko (27-0, 13 K0s) has a new mission. "Now my goal is to get rid of the prefix 'interim.' Mr. Miguel Cotto, you're invited!" Nuzhnenko won the belt via unanimous decision (116-113, 116-112, 116-113) over Frederic Klose (41-6, 8 KOs). "It was a big challenge for me but not the hardest bout," commented Nuzhnenko. "I realized my plan for the fight and got my result. I promised to give an unpleasant surprise for the French fans and I made it come true. I respect Klose, he showed the character of the warrior but my skills and power brought me the victory."

    Yuriy Nuzhnenko (27-0, 13 K0s)

    He's knocked out 13 cab drivers. Like 7 of them were 0-0-0. He needs to sit his ass down and stfu.

    That is all...

    During one of their segments of ,"1st and 10". Skip Bayless, Dana Jacobsen and others were discussing if Mayweather was overrated. These two black guys, their last names are Stew. Were praising Mayweather and saying how he should be compared to the greats like Sugar Ray Leonard, etc, etc.......I was looking at them like WTF are you talking about. Here we go again with the supposed experts that don't know s hit about boxing. Anyway Skip Bayless (who is a regular on the show) and Dana Jacobsen (the co-host) countered them and told them THE TRUTH. That Mayweather hasn't fought anyone that they would consider RISK fights to be called a great fighter. Skip Bayless was telling them, "Give me a break, Ricky Hatton. The guy is not a welterweight. Who has Mayweather fought, Carlos Baldomir, Arturo Gatti. You think Arturo Gatti was a good fighter."

    The Stew brothers said, "Yeah, he was a good fighter." Skip was like, "Oh Come On, the guy is picking and choosing fights that he knows he can win. You know who I want to see him fight, I want to see him fight Miguel Cotto. Because he is a tough guy. If he beats Miguel Cotto, then I will consider him a great fighter."

    The Stew brothers looked like they were at a loss for words when Skip brought Cotto's name up. It was mad funny. Then the Stew brothers said, "Yeah, well we would like to see that fight. We hope it happens."

    Then Dana Jacobsen said,"I'm with Skip, I don't think Mayweather has fought anyone to consider him great yet."

    Guys, this is good news if they are posting articles in newspapers and also putting this subject on shows like ,"First Take" and having debates over this. This is a show that talks about the NFL, NBA and all the major sports. So for them to talk about it and place it on one of their segments is great news guys. We need more of this, then this will force the issue and maybe make Mayweather take the Cotto fight. All you hear about in newspapers, sports TV shows and boxing websites is that Mayweather needs to fight Cotto. This is really good, I hope it forces Mayweather to fight Cotto.

    George Foreman Badly Disses Floyd Mayweather Jr
    By Johnny Benz (Dec 10, 2007) Doghouse Boxing

    In a recent interview conducted by Andrew Haigh and published this past weekend by, Heavyweight Living legend, George Foreman dissed Floyd Mayweather Jr., branding Mayweather a 'nobody' and a 'chicken'.

    According to the report by the The Sun, Foreman hates Mayweather's king of bling image. Foreman also insists that Mayweather is too scared to slug it out in big fights.

    Although Mayweather defeated Hatton with a tenth round KO this past Saturday. Foreman was backing Ricky Hatton to defeat Mayweather, saying: "I love Hatton and I hope he really beats up Mayweather."

    Foreman added: "But who is Mayweather? He's a nobody."

    "When he was young he was a loveable little fella but something went wrong and changed inside him. Now he is always cursing and bad-mouthing other fighters. The guy deserves an Oscar for some of the stuff he says."

    Foreman isn't even impressed with the title of Pound-for-pound best for Mayweather, stating:"There is no way I would consider him to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

    "He is good but he made a fool of himself against Oscar De La Hoya. He was in the greatest fight of his career and he just ran and ran like a chicken.

    "De La Hoya brought that fight to him all night but I didn't like his style and the way he approached the fight.I thought he was very lucky to win it on points."

    lol, Elboweather.

    Hatton and Cotto have 2 similiarities, they are both natural pressure fighters, and they both often win fights by breaking their opponent down with a volume of punches, especially to the body.

    That's where the comparison stops.

    Cotto has something that Hatton doesn't...

    What is it?

    It's the ability to deliver intelligent pressure.

    Why wasn't Hatton doing this? Well for one, Floyd's six inch reach advantage and Hatton's lack of explosiveness might have had something to do with this, but this is only a portion of the problem.

    Hatton was coming in without throwing the jab, and he was going straight in, almost squared up.

    The most important thing you can do against a good boxer, such as Floyd is to come in at an angle while throwing a jab.

    If you go straight in, Floyd will t-off on your face with a straight right hand. Hatton was doing this all night.

    Do you think the outcome would be any different if than what happened with Floyd if Hatton faced Mosley or even Judah, (substituting a straight left)?

    Why do you think it is that Hatton has been avoiding boxers in his division?

    At the same time, Cotto has been actively pursuing them. He's fought Malinaggi, (when he doesn't brawl, possibly the closest thing to Floyd above 140), Judah, (arguably one of the most dangerous fighters there is for the first 6 rounds), and Mosley, (a very dangerous, well rounded, boxer with the ability to slug).

    That's probably the best possible lineup that you could encouter in preperation for Floyd.

    In the meantime, since Kosta, Hatton has been fighting mostly swarmers and sluggers, but no one really threatened to outbox him.

    Cotto has the experience of what to do against slick boxers.

    Haven't you noticed the improvement in his jab? How often was Cotto getting tagged with FLUSH straight right hands against Mosley, and straight lefts against Judah?

    He wasn't, and why? Because he coming in at angles and using the jab/double jab to keep his opponent on the defensive and off balance.

    This is by far the most important aspect of how to approach fighting a skilled boxer, especially one like Floyd. You can't expect to come straight in or he's going to knock your head off and look spectacular in the process.

    BUT, since we're on it, Cotto has more than just that.

    Cotto doesn't rely on smothering his opponent and throwing a punch and clinching/wrestling like Hatton does, but Cotto gets his distance and throws some fluid combinations.

    How many combinations did you see Hatton throw against Floyd? Exactly.

    Hatton failed to get the distance that was necessary to deliver these combinations. It's really not his style anyway, as his is punch, grab, keep the distance close.

    While Cotto will want to stay on the inside, (and he'll do much better than Hatton because of the above mentioned reasons), he'll do MUCH MUCH better on the outside due to his approach which was adapted from his experience with top boxers.

    So who will win this fight?

    Floyd is a great boxer, but he wants to retire from the game, not get retired.

    And even if he beats Cotto, he WILL take a beating.

    Cotto ain't Hatton and Floyd knows it.
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