CARLOS QUINTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quintana Wins 116-112

Yesssssssssssssss, Another Boricua Champion...all the Paul William nut huggers, RIP!!!

Paul Williams doesn't know how to punch, he slaps. His defense is the ugliest I ever seen, I could knock his lanky ass out. He has no accuracy or power. What the hell is a 164 welterweight? Williams doesn't know how to use his physical advance and lacks technique and skill. Quintana proved he's the superior boxer by destroyed both the left and right eye of Williams. He's back in the welter weight race with Mayweather, Cotto, and Cintron. To the idiots who thought Cotto couldn't "handle" Williams, LMAO. Quintana is the TRUTH and Williams got exposed; Cotto destroyed Quintana. Cotto is a monster and no one is on his level and has dominated everyone; Mayweather needs to step up and fight him.
Hype Train: Derailed
So, we learned a few things from this fight:
1) Quintana is as good his record suggests.
2) Cotto is an animal.
I'm glad I stand right once again; where the doubters have their head in a pile of ****. I love this feeling; time to get the henny and call wifey, Sunday is party all day; **** work.