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    Default If this is true......

    We are in more trouble then anyone realizes.....

    " In the meantime, I wonder if Dolan has the foggiest notion how depressing the Knicks locker room has become. If not, he should do himself a favor and find a source other than Mills and the Garden's public relations staff of stiffs.

    I don't know how to say this so I guess I'll just write the truth: Everybody, from the players to male secretary Jonathan Supranowitz, want Thomas to lose. He has united your organization against him.

    Only players owning guaranteed mega-million contracts dare show it - on a nightly basis. They do not want to play for him. Many, I'm told, have asked, demanded and screamed to be traded at assistants in the dressing room after looses.

    Malik Rose is on the record as wanting out. Quentin Richardson, David Lee and Eddy Curry also are begging to be gone.

    The good news is, Nate Robinson, I'm informed, has spewed, too, a desire to distance himself from the insane asylum run by Nurse Ratched, er, Thomas. Who wouldn't want such an inventive maker of plays? No matter how well he's covered, IncrimiNate is always able to find himself open for a shot.

    How depressing have the Knicks become? The other night a player told me Curry was moaning on the bench, "Get me out of here. Please get me out of here."

    Hey, I've got an idea: Fire Isiah instead. "

    ~ Peter Vecsey - NY Post ~

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    This has become unreal. The team is controlled by an idiot.

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    Getting rid of Isiah Thomas is not so easy!
    Not half as easy as getting rid of Laydumb (Laydumb had 8 expiring contracts in two years after he left.).

    To get rid of Isiah means to get rid of all the career Losing Players on this Knick Team like
    1) Marbury,
    2) Crawford,
    3) Q.Richardson,
    4) Curry,
    5) James,
    6) Jefferies,
    7) Jones,
    8) and Zach Randolph (have you seen how well Portland has been playing lately using a TEAM-Concept with relentless DEFENSE at the PF position from Outlaw, Jones, and Frye).

    Look at the Players above and how well their team did the season without them on the roster (They all are a Strong Symbol of Isiah Thomas)...

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