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    Default what would you do if you were walsh

    the knicks are currently looking at five players and it almost seems like there is very high chance that a deal will be made on draft night to either move up to 3 or to get an additional pick at 5

    so heres my question....
    everyone has to pick one of two scenerios and defend their reasoning
    1) trade up for the 3rd pick and snag OJ Mayo who is the obvious pick here
    great scorer and an nba ready body... immediate production in the league can be seen from him and is probably the favorite to win the ROY award

    2) trade for an additional pick at number five and with the 5 and 6 picks get 2 of the remaining 4 players on the knicks radar

    westbrook- extremely athletic combo guard showed he most likely can make the transition to point since he played a bit of it this past yr in college and excelled... great defender, ok shot and is an unselfish player

    eric gordon- great jump shot, extremely athletic, very little defense

    danillo gallinari- known for basketball iq, and a 3pt shot, not listed as a great or horrible defender, agressive player but people question his toughness when making the transition to the nba, is only 19!!! and is 6' 10

    joe alexander- tore up the big east which is a very tough college conference as you know, good defender (shot blocker), great jump shot but only good not great from 3, used to play point in high school before his growth spurt (means he can pass and handle the ball), very athletic and strong, very aggressive, 38 inch vertical and throws down, projected as the sleeper of the draft

    so which scenerio do you choose (if you choose scenerio 2 who do you take) and back up your answers

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    i would take westbrook and alexander
    both want to play in ny and can play on both ends of the ball which are the types of players we dont have
    both fit into dantonis system and neither will try to be a superstar when it is not called for
    i think we need a complete rebuild and a move towards all around players who can run the ball score as well as lock players down on d
    plus i like the fact that both players are leaders unselfish not controversial...
    they can also both play more than one position which makes it easier to build around them alexander can play sf (his true spot) but he can also jump play d and is strong enough to be a slightly undersized pf
    westbrook is a combo guard who played mostly sg but showed he can make the transition to pg
    both supposedly have great work ethics and i think they will be willing to learn which is what we need players who will take take constructive criticism and put it to use

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    i choose scenario 1 because Mayo is the player we HAVE to get by any means he has superstar written all over him and was in the limelight since he was in 8th grade so all this New York stuff won't hurt him...he was born for the spotlight and he gives us a player we could rebuild around rather than just getting the same players over and over except some are taller or fatter than the next but with mayo we could go for a pass first PG with a jumper then a rebounder at PF and i decent scoring shot blocking Center and we plug Chandler at SF and we got ourselves a good team for the future then we just continue to develop Mayo then soon enough we could actually contend for a title again just like the 90's only diff was we built around a Center in Ewing now we'll do it around a SG in Mayo

    im just we get him

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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    trade everyone on the roster for D-League players
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