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Other the whole fact he's he hasn't played in over week and most likely hasn't touched a ball in that time period? He's not going to be in basketball shape bring him off the bench. Not to mention Jones and Crawfod have been a solid combo.
Where can I get that weed you smokin? No combo with crawford will ever be a solid combo, Jones is pathetically a better defender then Crawford but you dont know what to expect on offense from either of them. Players like Crawford who score 25 points one game and 10 points the next 2 games usually come off the bench. Both players are far from solid, Crawford as a point guard = worst starting point guard in the league. Fred Jones = worse starting shooting guard in league, wouldnt be the worst if he was taller. If he was on another team he would be second worst because Crawford is the worst.

Why would you bring Marbury off the bench? They gotta have him start. I think he'll play 20 to 25 minutes. With Starbury in the starting lineup, we have a chance. Without him, starting lineup plays no defense and falls behind early.