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The Pacers are a better team than what there record indicates. MSGKnickz33 is right, Granger is lethal, he can take us down by himself, the knicks have to play him tight. Hopefully Marbury can return and he can contain Tinsley. MSGKnickz33 way to be on top of the game thread, good work bud. Should be a good game all in all hopefully Curry, Randolph, and Crawford continue their strong play from the last game.
Thanks man maybe we can work sumthin out with these game threads One of us could do every other or we could do them together (no homo).

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The starting lineup for the knicks, for the forceable future should be

The offense can come from crawford and randolph while defense and energy from the outset of the game comes from the other 3. Marbury and Curry should be the first off the bench and be able to do damage againt the other teams bench. the starting five along with marbury and curry and david lee and in a limited role, Q-Rich should be the only players Zeke plays at least till the end of December
This would never work, not enough offense. Theres only one player that you can count on almost every night to score 20 points and thats Zach. Most of the time its an ugly 20 points.

Relying on Crawford is not smart. Im gonna call Crawford one third from now on cuz thats how often he plays........well I cant really say good, thats how often he plays arite.

Your sayin that your starting 5, Curry, Marbury, and Lee should be the 8 man rotation? This team sucks there goin nowhere. How bout we give some minutes to Randolph Morris and Wilson Chandler? And I know Mardy Collins has been dissapointing so far but he should get minutes too.

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I like the idea of the energy and defense but i agree with Paris. They both have zero offense. I have no problem playing one of the two but not both at the same time. I understand that people want to split up Curry and Randolph but wouldn' you start Curry over Zack? Curry plays his best the first 5 minutes of the game.
Thats actually a good point but Zach comin off the bench wont happen. Z-BO and Curry will continue to start becuz of the money they make and the lack of money that David Lee makes.