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    Nyk Logo he's not because he likes money?

    DO you know what ignorant means? It means not knowing, often uneducated. So you mean to tell me, Jermaine O'Neil isn't ignorant, because he stayed in indiana, for money? Exactly what about having 62 mill owed to you and wanting it makes you not ignorant? It makes you not stupid, but he is still ignorant, thinking the NBA is out to get black players, which it 75%-85% is made up off is silly. Also saying Artest had the right to charge the stands? ignorance of what is right or wrong. Saying Isiah is a good coach, well, what does he know of how Isiah is coaching the knicks? He knows nothing. He knew how he coached the Pacers, and so did larry bird who fired him. He has made bad decision after bad decision as a coach, a GM and as a person(ask mrs. sanders) The Guy is ruining the knicks.
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    Originally Posted by jzero29
    Saying Isiah is a good coach, .
    well i disagree with your post, up until u mention that oneil thinks isiah is a good coach..

    i now have to agree with u
    he is stupid,ignorant,etc,etc....

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