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Man you crazy or must be related Joe Buddens...He's not even hot anymore how long can you rap about nothing....Dip Set yo they are trash they old heads rappin for the new generation, Anyone who has been out since B.I.G and isnt hot just needs to give it up. I love the M.O.B.B, they keep it consistant. It's all good though.

Yo we looking good right now (knicks)
I never was a big fan of budden...and yes dipset is GARBAGE! hate them wit a passion...like god i cant stand them...Camron went from a good rapper 2 one of the worst >_> and di danywun c his movie...i know he aint a g liek he say he is and that shyt looked mad fake!...i mean the only good good rapper rite now is saigon...actually fabulous 2...I GET GREEN LIEK THE INCREDIBLE HULK...lolz
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Im not a huge Buddens fan but hes good when it comes to beef and I dont like Jay-Z. I like the Diplomats but lyrically they are trash. I like old school **** mainly like sed BIG and everything before him was the best stuff but I keep up on tha new **** comin out, Styles P, Killa Cam, Jadakiss, Ghostface, and MObb Deep of course. Anyone who disses Jigga i like. Hes an old camel who needs to retire, his new album ill give him credit was good but Kingdom Come was the worst album I ever bought. I still dont like him, anyone wearin open toe sandels should not call themselves the King of NY. IM on that Black timbs black hoody ****.

Knicks up by 16 with 4mins 30secs left.
Yea Jay z is trash...in some songs he wasent dow...and Mobb Deep idk what happend 2 them...they were so good b4...now idk ever since g unit eh...
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Cormega is a F*ckin Legend!!!!! I think hes even better then Nas, Tragedy Khadafi and Big Twin of the Infamous Mobb, man its all about Queens thats where the best lyrics come from. Brooklyn, Harlem, none of them can mess with Queens lyrically. Only Staten Island (Wu-Tang) is close to the lyrical skill of rappers from Queens. Add Big Noyd to that list, I got Prodigy goin right now cant wait for HNIC2 to come out, its comin soon.

Nate just got the play of the night with that dunk, guarenteed at least top 3 plays of the night. Good news, Celtics down by 5 with 5 minutes left. Im a Pistons and a KNicks fan tonight.
Naw! chill...NAS! i mean i love nas man and hear his songs FETUS....who the hell can rap about being in your moms stomach!? NAS! lolz and yea man i cant decide what 2 wear 2morrow pisonts or knicks jersey...=/
and oo yes....WOOHOO knicks won! lolz