Good article from, talks about how Bynum has really played well so far this year, better then the Lakers expected. I hope to see him, Kobe, and the rest of the Lakers have a good year and maybe make it past the 1st round of the playoffs.

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If we had Bynum, we would be a .500 team right now. He does everything that you want a center to do, defend, rebound, and score. Hes still very young and hes only gonna get better. Next year I predict will be his real breakout season, expect very big numbers. There is no way Curry can be compared to Bynum. 7 of the 9 teams that didnt take Bynum will feel very stupid by the end of this year and especially next year. The 2 teams that wont regret it are the Jazz and the Hornets who drafted Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

  1. Bucks-Andrew Bogut
  2. Hawks-Marvin Williams
  3. Jazz-Deron Williams
  4. Hornets-Chris Paul
  5. Bobcats-Raymond Felton
  6. Blazers-Martell Webster
  7. Raptors-Charlie Villanueva
  8. Knicks-Channing Frye
  9. Warriors-Ike Diogu
  10. Lakers-Andrew Bynum

17 Pacers-Danny Granger

The worst player picked from #1-10 is easily Channing Frye. He is soft, he followed up that nice game with sumthin like 8 points and 2 rebounds. Granger is turning into a star, another player who we couldve had. Isiah is not as good in the draft as everyone thinks he is, including myself. I gave him too much credit.