This Knick-Team finally came out (in the 25th game of this season) by dominated the game from START to FINISH. Great Knick Game!

I give NO-Credit of this 108-90 Knick WIN vs Cavs to the Knicks Head Coach or his Poor Coaching Staff. They are the main reason for this 8-17 record this season.

Every member here should know my position on "Dave Debush Lee" from last season to this past offseason when we aquired Zach Randolph.
David Lee Performance made him the Knicks "STARTER" for all 82 Games of the 2007-8 Season.

David Lee started 7 games in his Rookie Season and the Knicks WON 6 of those games by dominating their oposition from Start to Finish.

I dont give the Knicks Coach or Coaching-Staff any credit for David Lee, Frye, Nate, or Balkman outstanding Raw Rookie Performance because that was their Talents & Skillz they had when they entered the NBA Draft. The Knicks Coaching-Staff did nothing to upgrade any of these players performance (they did more stagnating these young players).
As Rookies Frye had an inside presence on defense, Nate always ran the ball upcourt at top speed, when Balkman rebounded he would dribble the ball up-court to start a fastbreak or a 3 on 2, David Lee complimentary hustle performance co-existed with all his teammates in any tempo inwhich the Guards play would run. The Knicks Coaching Staff stopped these Players from playing their best fundamental talent that got them into the NBA (Thanks to Isiah Thomas "SAVE-FACE" coaching style that caters to Marbury, Crawford, and Curry one dimensional performance.)...