I hate to see this, DMX made some of the realist music. He is not the greatest rapper of all time but hes my favorite rapper. His passion and emotion he put into his songs was unmatchable. After his first 2 albums, his lyrical skill began to decline and he stopped switchin his voice up. And Then there was X and the Great Depression were his last 2 good albums in my opinion. The Grand Champ and the newest CD had some good songs on them but hes clearly nowhere near the rapper he once was. Had he kept makin music like he was earlier on his career, sum mite be callin him the greatest of all time. His unreleased **** was classic:
DMX-Before the Fame
DMX and Ja Rule: the early Years

2 classics, alot of song are the same on them but they both still got sum good ****. DMX is on crack but I still like that song and I look forward to it comin out. He just signed a new deal, he'll have a record comin out sumtime next year and I know its gonna be some real hard ****. One thing hes still got is that powerful voice. People talkin about Kool G rap, Styles, and Hell Rell bein the hardest rappers out, Im still goin with X. G Rap is a legend, Styles is one of my favorites, I like Hell Rell his new album was nice but hes not near my top 10.