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    Default More Isiah propoganda

    "We started from deep, deep, deep in the hole," Thomas said Saturday. "We started with a cap number that was probably the highest of any NBA team in history and a low talent level and a building that was empty. Now we have a building that is full, probably one of the most profitable franchises in the NBA. Our cap number's down and our talent base is good. We're young, we're improving and we still have a lot of room for growth. Now we've got to put some wins on the other side of the ledger." -Isiah Thomas

    1. That didn't change much, we're still have some of the worst contracts in the NBA, after 4 years.
    2. Low talent level? What the **** does that even mean?
    3. MSG empty? Is Isiah on PCP?
    4. This roster has no talent because they can't win. Give me Shandon Anderson over Crawful anytime of the day.

    GOD, I hate Isiah. He's always been doing this stupid false advertisement **** since day one. All talk, but no walk. Then the worst part theres people stupid enough to believe him.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just leave already, PLEASE.

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    isiah is out for one person...himself... he will say/fuk anyone along with way... not the guy u want in a foxhole with you

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