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my knowledge surpasses yours on any day my good man. The lineup was a good lineup, Curry outduels Howard on the offensive end, nearly every game they have played so why not start him? Q's defense was real good last night, his offense, well not so much... But the lineup showed the execution needed to succeed, for 36 minutes at least
What happened last night in the beginning of the 4th quarter when Eddy Curry was put into the game for 2 minutes? Orlando only needed 2 minutes of Curry on the floor to take this game. Dwight wasnt even playin and Eddy still did nothin. Curry doesnt outduel HOward, maybe last year but not this year. I know Dwight scored more points in the first game and he did in this game too. Curry only scored 2 points. Isiah finally did sumthin smart by benchin him. He hurts the knicks more then he helps. Im not your good man and your knowledge doesnt surpass anyones on here, maybe one and lonelys its close.