In a NY times article from a few days ago Chris Rock made some good points.

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After Sunday’s game, I ran into Spike Lee and Chris Rock as they walked off the court and past the locker room area. Lee and Rock are enthusiastic Knicks fans, and each is puzzled by the team’s up-and-mostly-down season.

Rock said he wanted drastic change. Now! “They need to make a deal; there’s some deals out there,” he said. “You don’t think Chicago wished they had Eddy Curry right now? They kind of do. They got no low-post presence.”

How can you expect the Knicks to make consistently winning plays when a majority of the players on the roster have not consistently won in the N.B.A.?
Isiah Thomas had won at every level, “but with the exception of Malik Rose and Quentin Richardson, nobody’s ever played a winning season.

“All those guys played on losing teams. Jamal Crawford never played on a team that won 40 games.”