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    Nyk Logo NBA draft report vs Lottery Knicks

    1. Michael Beasley
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. DeAndre Jordan
    4. Eric Gordon
    5. Dante Green

    This Knick-team needs guards in a big way. Hopefully Rose or Gordon are good enough.

    If memory serves me right all of the above draft-picks could not help out this Knick Team as long as "Marbury, Crawford, and Q.Richardson" is on the Knicks roster.

    If you look at Marbury & Crawford NBA career every NBA guard they played next to as a backcourt tandem looked terrible and had inconsistent performances. However when playing without Marbury or Crawford on the court with them they showed great consistent potential. You really dont have to look in the past when you look at Nate or Collins performance alongside of either Marbury or Crawford. We Knick-Fans seen all the Promise in Mardy Collins consistent performance when both Marbury & Crawford were on the injured-list last season.

    And Q.Richardson performance on the 61-21 Phoenix Suns were the weakest outlet on the team (his contract forced the Suns to keep him in the Starting lineup with the four Super-Star Players), the Suns players, coaches, and management did not waste anytime noticing Q.Richardson's weakness to the team so in December took a big chance on signing a traded player "Jim Jackson" that refuse to report to the team he was traded to, and the Suns made Jim Jackson their 6th-Man off the bench replacing Q.Richardson early in every first quarter for that 61-21 season.
    Anytime Q.Richardson opened up his mouth to repremand a teammate on the Phoenix Suns for a bad play (Amare or Joe Johnson), Q.Richardson was yanked out of the game by Coach Antonio and replaced with Jim Jackson whom averaged 26 MPG with Phoenix that season.

    So now you know the Knicks Three BIGGEST uncoachable Players which are the Cancer of the Knicks lockerroom and overall Performance on court.

    When you add that to the Knicks Coaching Staff strategy for players Marbury, Curry, Crawford, Q.Richardson, and now Zach Randolph.
    All Five players have within their NBA career "uncoachable" performances with 2 or more of their NBA coaches.

    The Knicks are a "TWO-UNIT Team" inwhich the Head Coach and his coaching staff keep denying to use. But it is a fact that the Knicks Starting-5 lineup they started the season with are 5-players that does not make their teammates performance better. So it would be best for the team to play these 5-players consistently with only the same teammates (they are not rotation players)...

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    The bulk of guards has been a problem for the last 3 years but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Good teams have a good center and point guard. By good I mean the center is strong enough to keep opposing players out of the lane and do the things that don't show up on the stat sheet in addition to rebounding and blocking a few shots. And good point guards look to move the ball before anything else and try to help on defense. These are the two major issues for the Knicks right now. The only real solution is to 'rebuild' again. Since we have so many players drafting guards will only add to our bulk of guards.

    The best option that we have is to attempt some two for one trades.
    Curry/Rose for Ben Wallace
    Crawford/Robinson for Ron Artest

    Two for one or three for two trades will open up space and allow us to draft a solid role player to develop, and at the same time rid us of one dimensional players.

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