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a stupid fool? a stupid fool for picking david lee? a stupid fool for picking one of the 3 players that have work ethic on this team? okay-lets look at the other options-

DLee- who has to be the hardest workking player on this team, also maybe the most energizing and as his expierience grows. so will talent.

Steph- who was really the only other realistic option. A perfect example was when he carried this team on his back at the end of last year and made a playoff run and fell just short. The only reason, in my oppinion, why he's not my vote- is the incident that happened about a month ago.

Fat Ass Curry- This had to be a joke. The fat f*ck how averages 5 rpg and .5 blocks. Only reason he i probably even on here is b/c of last year and his g perentage, and thats because all his shots are dunks. The man cannot shot free throws to save his life, and has NO low post game whatsoever.

Jamal- Somewhat of a realistic choice- example:the 52 pt game vs Miami last year. He's a step away from being a star in this league, but that step has been missing his whole career. VERY inconsistent. great game one day- **** game the next.

So lilman_bklyn, am i such a stupid fool for picking lee too? and if so, explain to me some reason why.
If I could add to your rep I would, Im glad to see some1 else who realizes that the only other realistic option besides Marbury would be Lee. LilMan Bklyn is one of the dumbest people on here. Hes a young kid that from what I understand just learned a couple of new swears about a month ago.