Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Raymond Felton, and Nate Robinson? I dont mind Nate because atleast he makes agressive mistakes, but to mention him with those other 3 is pretty crazy. Considering the diery situation this team is in i wouldn't care if he got alot more minutes because he atleast puts effort into the game, but those other 3 are elite.

And how could anybody say David Lee hasn't been our best player. Maybe he wins the award by default because the rest of the team is god awful, but he is the only player on this team that shows continual progress. Lee may never be a 20ppg guy but he is a solid building block. Also Lee can't play the 3 spot, he can't cover the versitile 3's in this league. His biggest weakness overall is his defense, but in comparison to our other forwards he is an all NBA defender.