Isiah Says Knicks Will Be Inactive Around Trade Deadline
January 2, 2008 - 6:17 am
New York Daily News -
There are said to be several Knicks who wouldn't mind a change of scenery, including Stephon Marbury, David Lee, Malik Rose and Eddy Curry. The Kings are reportedly considering deals for Mike Bibby and Ron Artest, who has said he would like to return home and play with the Knicks.

Tuesday, Thomas ruled out making a deal between now and the February deadline. Of course, Thomas has made a habit of denying working on moves right up until he makes them.

"I really don't foresee that," he said. "I don't see us being active around the trade deadline. This is the time when you're down and you can make mistakes that can cost you years. And everything that you've worked for the last three, four years that can set you back another three years. We've got a young group, we've got good players, and we've got good talent. We've just got to get them to play together."

I give up.