New York Knicks(8-22) vs San Antonio Spurs(21-8)
Friday, January 4 at 8:30pm ET on MSG

Its time again for the MSGknickz33 pregame show, as always Im your host Jazzy Jeff and were gonna take a look at Friday nights game in San Antonio. Manu Ginobli and Brent Barry are both injured for the Spurs. Injuries have caused the Spurs to get off to a 21 and 8 start which is still impressive, but not what it normally would be. This is still problably the best team in the NBA and they will be going up against arguably the worst team in the league. The Knicks are coming off another embarassing loss to the Kings who were missing 3 of their best players. At least this loss will not be as embarassing, its expected.

Starting Lineups

San Antonio Spurs

pg-Tony Parker
sg-Michael Finley
sf-Bruce Bowen
pf-Tim Duncan
C-Fabricio Oberto

And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!!

At Point Guard, Jamal Crawford
At Shooting Guard, Quentin Richardson
At Small Forward, Jared Jeffries
At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
At Center, Eddy Curry

Key Matchup: Tim Duncan vs Zach Randolph

Zach having played with Portland for several seasons before becoming a Knick is familiar with Tim Duncan. Hes gotta use his knowledge gained through past matchups to try to slow down Duncan. The problem with slowing down Duncan is that although he is predictable, theres nothing the defense can do about most of his post moves. He is fundamentally one of the best if not the best player in the league and he really knows how to use the glass. Randolph has gotta find a way to contribute offensively while being somewhat efficient for the Knicks to have any chance.

MSG33's Pregame Strategy:

  • Pray for a victory!!!! The Spurs can score and defend, the Knicks are in for a long night
  • Rebound!!!! The Knicks are a better rebounding team (12th) then the Spurs (16th). This might be the only advantage that the Knicks have.
  • Move the Ball!!!! Although the Spurs are the 2nd worst shot blocking team, only ahead of the Knicks, they play a GREAT TEAM DEFENSE.
  • Defend the Perimeter!!!! Michael Finley might end up with a new season high

Stat of the Night: When scoring 100+ points they are 13-0

MSG33's Prediction: Spurs by 15

It is nearly impossible for the Knicks to win this game but anything can happen. If they play as a team and if they give it 100% for 4 quarters then they will have a chance but once you fall behind by double digits to a team like San Antonio its very difficult to come back. We saw this in a game earlier this season against the Detroit Pistons where the Knicks fell behind right before half time. They played well in the second half but the 10 to 15 point lead that the Pistons got before halftime was the difference.

Im your host Jazzy Jeff and I thank everyone for joining me for my pregame show. Tune into Msg tomorrow night to catch the Knicks and the Spurs.