I say Spurs by 23 and leading by 16 at the half.
Here's my breakdown:

Q-rich isn't putting up number anymore so that less energy Bowen has to expend on his own man.

Parker and Finley will have a field day against out backcourt, however, I think Jamal and Steph can match that as well.

Curry should be able to produce points against Oberto...if Duncan breaks his leg. Duncan is one of the best help defenders and since Curry has trouble seeing where double teams are coming from, it will be a problem for him.

Randolph should have a good game against SA. He averaged 21 pts and 10 rbs against them in 3 games last season.

David Lee will probably have a double double since he'll be taking more of Curry's minutes when Isiah realizes that the Spurs interior defense will keep Curry quiet on offense.

No O from Curry, no use being on the floor right?

I look for Parker and Duncan to have big nights. Marbury will have a good scoring game but in the end Spurs reign supreme.