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  • Wilson Chandler

    8 38.10%
  • Renaldo Balkman

    5 23.81%
  • Trevor Ariza

    8 38.10%
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    Crawford has been awful all season.

    He's by far the worst decision maker on this team and the weakest defender. Even Eddy Curry tries harder than Jamal.

    Jamal is a ***** who's afraid of contact and slashing.

    His shooting as bad as Balkman (40% FG 30% 3pt).

    He's never progressed as a NBA baller and still plays like a college Freshman.

    **** HIM.

    Once Marbury gets back into his starting role, he'll produce consistently.

    The reason why REAL KNICK fans support Marbury > Crawford is because:

    Marbury has done more for this franchise in one season than Jamal has ever done or will ever do in his life.

    The 20 and 9 assist season that Marbury lead a talentless Knicks team to the playoffs deserves a lot of credit. When Jamal came here, thats when the losing and mediocrity started.

    Jamal will finish his NBA career never making the playoffs or appearing in the playoffs because he's a LOSER and one of the biggest cancers in the league.

    The only strength in his game is his crossover and FT shooting, EVERYTHING ELSE HE'S AWFUL AT IT.

    LJ4ptplay, hop off my swagger maricon. You get no laughs copying **** with "Marburysexual", its not original and doesn't even flow right, especially with a herb from the Grand Canyon.

    Isiahsexual's favorite pet is Jamal. He dedicated his number to Isiah, and is everything wrong with this franchise.

    Isiah, his spawning of Isiahsexuals and Jamal Crawford can all go to hell with their losing ways, because these motha****as don't belong in NYC and in the Garden where winning a tradition. Bitches.
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