I saw a topic like this in another forum. Be fun to do one here...something to get away from the rotten state of affairs at MSG and get us past the work day...

Rookie of the year- aka best new poster

Best Comedic Performance- aka funniest poster

Villian of the year- poster everyone hates the most

Sammy Sosa Award- Poster most in need of spelling and grammar lessons

Tyson award- Poster who wins every debate

Best Name- Poster with the best screename

Worst Name- poster with the worst

RZA Award- poster who drops the most knowledge on their topics

Thread topic of the year

Carpenter Award- poster who makes the most interesting threads

Borat Award- Best Poster from the farthest distance

Feud of the year- which posters had the worst

Starbury Award- poster who defends Steph the most

Anti-Starbury Award- poster who rips him the most

MVP- best poster on ko.com

I think thats enough for now. Should be interesting to see what everyone thinks when the votes are tallies.