Why do all the no name scrubs have career days against the knicks!!!!LIke Arron brooks last night? Bruce Bowen doubles his avg ppg in game against knicks(not scrub, but not offensive juggernaut)Because this Knick team has no pride, they blow. Lets go Knicks, time to move forward and make some changes!!!! Gibbs, from clevland goes off on us in opener, You could probably go through a list of guys who just have career nights agaiinst KNICKS, You know why, because even though the Knicks players don't get excited to be playing in NY, the basket ball mecca, everyone else still does!!! Everyone knows this is the big stage, NY. But this Knicks team is a joke!!!!
I don't want to not be knicks fan anymore, but i feel the only way to scare the DOLANS into doing something is if knicks fans say they would root for the Brooklyn nets instead. Make them feel they have to do something to keep the fans. Because right now it seems like they don't care!!! DOlan is a million dollar spoiled brat, with his head up his ass and he needs to be humbled somehow. Something needs to be done to turn us around, it is clear to everyone(Media, NBA execs, fans and nba players...ect) except dolan.