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david lee is a f*cking warrior-he's doin whatever it takes to win games. I feel for him so much. He really cares about winnning.

What really pisses me off is when i see zach and eddy curry tellin jokes on the sideline. Why are they here if they dont give a ****
Word. Curry covering his face with a towel thinking nobody would notice , what a dumass.

Isiah has got to wake up and start playing guys that deserve to play. Less of Jeffries and more of Balkman, no more Rose more Chandler and Morris. As great as Marbury was on Tuesday that's as invisible as he's been the past two games. I don't get Marbury, maybe Isiah sucked the life out of him but a lot of the time he appears to be in a fog out there.

Bosh had the softest/easiest/unimpressive 40 point game I have ever seen. 40 points on 30 shots is underwhelming to say the least. Bosh needs to stop relying on jump shots and get back to being the interior presence that he has been in past years.