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They both need to go along with Crawford. The 3 of them need to retire with Isiah. Z-Bo and curry can do commercials for Burger KIng Isiah and Crawford can join the circus they have every year in Chicago.

I didnt really watch the game, I had it on and listened to it while i was on the computer. Lookin at the boxscore it looks like Lee, Balkman, Nate, and Marbury played good. We suprisingly succeeded in not allowing a role player/bum to have a career high but our big guys were unable to handle Chris Bosh who scored 40 points.

The Raptors had 43 rebounds while the Knicks only grabbed 33 rebounds. Zach Randolph did not play in the 2nd half after having words with Isiah and denying a seat next to him. Eddy Curry plays 15 minutes and scores 6 points. Crawford finishes with 6 turnovers.

The Knicks outscored the Raptors 26 to 18 in the 4th quarter. Marbury gets 8 assists and Nate Robinson comes off the bench and finishes with 24 points on 10 for 18 shooting. David Lee grabs 10 rebounds and Crawford scores 27 points on 9 for 17 shooting.

Balkman returns after not playing for a month. In 24:39 Balkman scores 8 points and grabs 4 rebounds. He is alot more effective then Q-stitch and deserves more minutes.
I blame it on Isiah more then Q because hes the idiot playin him. Q's got the right mentality but hes a step slower this year and its stopped him from the the D he played last year and from makin shots.

wow man, i applaud you on ur knowledge in basketball generally as a fan, and ur knowledge of the knicks....i agree with u on a lot of posts, but crawford has been our shining point in our last 4 or 5 games....yeah he shots 41% for the season, but our last 4 games he has shot 48% and is averaging 24 ppg on 48% shooting....the only thing i can see u getting on crawford for is him not slashing and going to the line.....now, with that being said, i cant believe that, of all people, you are taking the blame off of q.rich for his ****ty play this season...and he is slow becuase he is fat and has no work ethic, q.rich is pathetic and deserves no minutes....BTW, how does being a step slower make u miss ur shots? Jordan can still make shots, reggie miller can still hit shots....qrich is SORRY....he neds to be cut or traded asap....waste of a position....get balkman in for him, it isnt like he's still hitting 3's...whats his use on the team?