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  • Zach Randolph being benched and having words with Isiah

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  • Stephon Marbury calling out Isiah and criticizing his strategy

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  • Isiah Thomas going public with his 3 favorite Knicks

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  • Jamal Crawford being one of Isiahs favorite Knicks

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    Default Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks Game Thread 1/13

    The Detroit Pistons(27-9) vs the New York Knicks(9-26)
    Sunday, Jan. 13 at 7:00pm ET on MSG

    For those of you still watching the Knicks, welcome to the MSG33 pregame show. Im your host Jazzy Jeff and we have alot to talk about. The Pistons come in having won 8 of their last 10 games. Rasheed Wallace, possibly the only player who can match the intensity of Kevin Garnett, is fired up after the Pistons embarrassing loss last year in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Pistons and the Celtics are the favorites to represent the eastern conference in the NBA Finals this year.

    The Knicks have only won 1 of their last 10 games as the drama continues. Stephon Marbury doenst like the way Isiah runs the team, Zach Randolph is upset with being benched last night, and Isiah only likes 3 players on the team: Nate Robinson, David Lee, and.......Jamal Crawford. With the Knicks now being 17 games under 500, it is time to start watching college basketball. Although I feel the Knicks should still play every game as hard as they can and earn some respect others feel like they need intentionally lose to increase their chances of obtaining the #1 pick in the draft. What I call pride others call stupidity and thats ok, we all have different opinions.


    The Detroit Pistons

    pg-Chauncy Billups
    sg-Richard Hamilton
    sf-Tayshaun Prince
    pf-Rasheed Wallace
    C-Antonio Mcdyess

    The New York Knicks

    Point Guard - Stephon Marbury
    Shooting Guard - Jamal Crawford
    Small Forward - Quentin Richardson
    Power Forward - Zach Randolph
    Center - Eddy Curry

    The Knicks keys to Victory:

    • Play hard for 4 quarters: This is the only way the Knicks will have a chance because the Pistons do this night after night
    • Play Balkman again
    • Dont be afraid to give Lee big minutes
    • Crash the Boards!!!! The Knicks are the 15th best rebounding team (42rpg), Detroit is 26th (40.7rpg)

    Key Matchup: Zach "Z-Bo" Randolph vs Rasheed Wallace

    This is a joke but Rasheed Wallace has been on a tear his last 5 games. Zach Randolph, depending on how many minutes, will have his hands full (with whoppers). If Rasheed starts scoring theres nothing Zach can do to stop him so he will need to try to match him offensively and grab some rebounds to keep his team in the game. Lets take a look at the damage Wallace has done the past 5 games.

    52.2 3P%

    Very impressive numbers from Wallace. He is playing very intense and showing his desire for another championship.

    Jamal Crawford has put together his best 5 game stretch so far this season. His field goal percentages have been far above his season average but turnovers have still been a problem. There was a game during this 5 game stretch where Crawford only had 1 turnover.

    35.5 3P%

    Game Notes:

    -Pistons Turn the ball over less then any other team (11.5topg)
    -Pistons have 2nd best defense (89.41 pts allowed)
    -Pistons are 16-0 when scoring over 100pts, 4-5 when they allow 100pts or more
    -Pistons have the 4th highest number of technical fouls (23)

    The Knicks have had alot of problems with their perimeter defense so heres a list of players to keep an eye on:

    R Hamilton-46.7%
    Jarvis Hayes-41%
    Walter Hermann-40%
    Rasheed Wallace-38.1%
    Chauncey Billups-37.6%
    Tayshaun Prince-37.3%

    And that does it for my pregame show, I thank everyone for tuning in and remember to watch the Knicks Sunday night on MSG.

    *Detroit has a game Saturday Night vs the Bobcats, not all numbers are accurate
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