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Here's a posting that will might get you thinking a little bit about just how bad things are with Isiah:

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How can they beat the Pistons?

The Knicks Rookie lineup (2005) of Nate, Lee, Frye, and C-Butler gave Detroit hell each time they played them and WON a game for Knick Coach Larry Brown in an overtime WIN.

Lastseason Nate, Crawford, Balkman, and Lee almost beat the Pistons each game Coach Isiah used that lineup.

Detroit is comming off of a Loss to Dallas on the 9th, a WIN over the Spurs on the 10th, and an overtime WIN over Charlotte on the 12th (last night).

Tonight will be Detroits 4th game in 5 days, the Charlotte Bobcats Felton and Jackson running game had Detroit sore in overtime.

If the Knicks only had a game Scout, what game-plan would you think the Scout would give the Knick players and coaches for this WIN? easy, the Knicks guards & SF should run Billups & RIP into a coma in the first half of the game having Nate pressure Billups bring the ball up court in the second quarter with Balkman rebounding, passing and fastbreak dribbling run the floor with as many lob-passes as possible. No Halfcourt Offense untill the 4th quarter with a huge double digit Knick lead.

Its bad that the Knicks Coaching Staff is more confuse than the Knick Players.